By reading this we minimize the risk to stumble upon any misunderstandings along the way.

General Booking Terms


Unless otherwise stated, Sweden Model­s general booking rules apply.

Booking Regulations

Bookings made are charged at the full fee. All intended use of the model is to be notified to the agency prior to publication. All prices are based on the model­s individual full-day price. A full-day is at most 8-10 hours, a half day at most 4 hours.  Each initiated hour is invoiced at full price. Time for lunch break, make-up/hair and styling is to be included in the working hours. Bookings which are booked as being dependent on the weather may be changed one (1) times free of charge, and thereafter at 50% of the fee.

An option shall be confirmed by the client at the request of the agency, otherwise the option no longer applies.


USAGE RIGHT: Confirmed jobs can be used by the model or Sweden Models in print/digital portfolio, website, social medias for promotion of the model. Usage Rights is limited to the information on the invoice. All other usage may not be extended without negotiation with Sweden Models.

Cancellations and Delays

CANCELLATION: Cancellations within two days of confirmed bookings will be charged with a full fee.
Cancellations due to weather conditions will not be charged if the job is rebooked with the same model within 1 month. Otherwise a full fee will be charged.


Customers shall make complaints to the agency without delay. The model shall be informed at the location and work discontinued. Complaints shall be documented if possible by polaroids or otherwise. If the client should exercise an option to continue photography, the full fee is payable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The responsibility of the agency to compensate is limited to 20% of the agreed fee.

Travelling Expenses

The client is responsible for all travelling expenses. Travelling time is charged at a half (1/2) day fee.

Hotel and Subsistence Allowance

In the event of booking overnight stays, the client is responsible for the hotel costs and for cash payment of subsistence allowance according to current state norms.


The client is responsible for taking out accident insurance for the model during the entire period of booking. Travel insurance is to be included in the travelling expenses.

Overtime Payment

Charged at the hourly rate.

Terms of Payment

Invoice payment 20 days net, interest is payable pursuant to the Interest Act in the event of delayed payment. Full payment shall have been received by the agency before the first publication date for campaigns and supplements. VAT is payable on all prices.

Disputes and Applicable Legislation

Disputes between the parties on the application or interpretation of this agreement shall be settled by a Swedish court, in the first instance by Malmö City Court. Swedish law shall apply. Download PDF version